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Ingela Arrhenius posted 21 Mar 2014 10:14 by Viktoria
We are so happy to present to you the latest addition to the brands we represent; OMM Design. All their products we carry are designed by Ingela Arrhenius. Ingela is a Swedish illustrator who's naive style inspired by 50s and 60s design we just love.

The matryoshka Animals and Robots are like classic Russian dolls that can be stacked one in another. Great fun to play with plus they look amazing.

The posters are absolutely adorable and will make any room look amazing. We've selected three of Ingela's poster designs and we love them all.

We've also got a classic pick-up-pairs game (or memory as we call it in Sweden) with lovely pictures made from thick cardboard.

Have a look for yourself and see which of the lovely OMM Design products is your favourite.

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