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Schools out for summer! posted 14 Jun 2014 13:11 by Viktoria
Well not here in the UK but in Sweden and probably other parts of Scandinavia.

I can still remember that amazing feeling of the last day of school before the summer holidays. You would wear a new nice outfit (no school uniform in Sweden), a new dress, maybe even new pretty shoes. Done something special to your hair.

Mum and/or dad would come along to school with you. The day would start in the classroom with all the students sitting extra tall at their desks and the parents squeezing in at the back. The teacher would tell you some well chosen words about the year that had gone and wish us a happy summer. The teacher in her/his turn would get flowers and a gift from the class (aka the parents).

Then we would all walk together to the church where each class would sing a song that they had been practising the last month. A priest sharing some wisdom and the classic hymns being sung. The sound of those hymns still make me choke up a bit because they are so connected to strong happy memories. Now I also choke up because I know my own children will never have the same relationship to those songs. We will have to make our own traditions and memories instead..

After the church service - total euphoria. A 10 (!) week long ocean of summer holiday in front of you. It felt like a lifetime and like it would never end. That first afternoon was always the best. Going home with my sister and parents, celebrating with some cake and squash and then running off to play with all the other children in the neighbourhood. Happy happy memories..
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