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Shop Sign Failure posted 25 Jun 2013 14:04 by David
Today we tried to make our second shop sign. We designed our own stencil and sent the design to Stencil Warehouse to have it made. We bought some special 3M glue, which you can spray on the stencil so it sticks to your sign like a post-it. We had some all weather acrylic paint from liquitex. And we were good to go.

However it all went wrong because when we peeled off the stencil the paint had bled out all around the letters leaving a horrible mess behind. It was so disappointing because we had spent so much time and effort to get to this point. At that moment I really lost all confidence in our pledge not to out-source anything.

But after having a little time to think about it we just have to learn our lessons and try again. The lesson here is very literal, not very deep at all, and it is this: use thicker paint when using a stencil!
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