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Swedish Christmas treats for everyone! posted 20 Nov 2013 00:00 by Viktoria
With Dickensian just around the corner we at Peppa K have been busy preparing some classic Swedish Christmas treats for our customers to try.

Pepparkakor or gingerbread biscuits/thins are a huge part of every Swede’s “diet” in December. They are thinner than the English gingerbread cookie and flavored with ginger, cinnamon and clove. You can find as many recipes for pepparkakor as there are people baking them, everyone tweaking the flavoring to their best liking. Here is a link to one recipe that you can start with. Pepparkakor are great fun to bake with kids too! We have rolling pins and cookie cutters ideal for the task.

There are loads of myths and traditions around pepparkakor. One is that they make you nicer! Possibly that comes from the old belief that the spices in the cookies could help against a variety of illnesses such as depression, cholera, constipation, toothache, etc. So who's mood wouldn't be improved!?

Another classic Christmas treat is knäck. Extremely easy to make (but not for children, the mix is super hot!), and very very yummy to eat. Just be careful you don't pull out a tooth chewing this sticky golden ball of delight.

On Dickensian we will have both knäck and pepparkakor for our customers to try so make sure to stop by before we run out.
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